Planning Unplanned Summer Fun

I feel like I put my head down in February, blinked, and it’s now June. Yikes. Now that it’s warming up, plants are flowering, and the sun is shining in a cloudless sky, it’s time to start thinking about what to get up to this summer.

Last week, I was bemoaning to my partner that I wasn’t sure what I had done for the last many weekends, and he replied “You worked. Every. Weekend.” Oops. That’s going to have to stop and going forwards, I will get better about setting boundaries for my weekends (and be more efficient while I am at work).

So, what do I want to get up to this summer?! Everything! I want to go camping, and backpacking, and on a cycling trip, and play with Feist, and go to the beach, and go on climbing trips, and go on epic day-hikes, and spend time with our friends, and enjoy our new home, and learn to sail, and go to a baseball game (done!), and have lots of dinner parties, and work on home improvement projects, and, most importantly, not be over-scheduled.

Come mid-August, I would likely completely resent my ambitious and enthusiastic spring self if I tried to schedule all these activities in before the beginning of October. Instead, we are trying something new this summer: not planning ahead of time. The entire idea makes me nervous (I take great comfort in excessive planning), and may be a very worthwhile exercise.

The plan-to-not-plan looks like this: we can only schedule 1 weekend a month ahead of time (ostensibly camping trips with friends, or attending a wedding). All other weekends will not be planned or scheduled until the Monday before the weekend, giving us 4 days to pick from our list of interest. If we wish to go camping, we can get out the door very quickly, and since we don’t tend to camp in campgrounds there is no need for a reservation. Not planning ahead of time will allow us to groove more with the rhythms of our jobs: both my partner and I have recently started demanding and exciting jobs, and we don’t want to pile on additional stress. It will free us up for those last minute “hey, let’s do this thing right now!” plans, and allows us to follow the good and bad weather.

I am hoping that this plan-to-not-plan will also address one of my least favourite situations: when I want to reach out to a friend, and am hesitant to even say “hi” because I know that I have a million things on my plate and can’t give them any time for six weeks. How embarrassing is that!? I want to be present and supportive in my friends lives, yet sometimes I find myself not reaching out because I feel that I have nothing to offer, because I have over-scheduled myself. Another issue I am hoping that not planning will solve, is when I have 1 short, significant meeting, coffee, or appointment in a weekend that breaks up my options to go hiking all day, or camping. Yuck.

I’m excited to see how this goes! It’s Thursday today. So far I am planning to paint an accent wall in my kitchen bright yellow on Saturday, attend my brother’s birthday on Saturday evening, and Sunday I will go for a long, sweaty hike. I’m really looking forwards to stomping around in the bush for many hours, hopefully uphill both ways.

What are you planning or not planning for this summer?

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