2020: Same Goals, Renewed Focus

We are over halfway through 2020, and I am reviewing my themes and goals from the beginning of the year (publicly, at least). I’m not going to waste space explaining how ‘unprecedented’ 2020 has been, because I have nothing new to add to that discussion. It suffices to say that I have been on the same journey as everybody else: surprised, scared, exhausted, and so very grateful.

That being said, I spend a lot of time pondering whether there is ever a right time to do something (or rather, trying to convince myself that there is never a right time, and to get over myself, off my butt, and into action). 2020 has not felt like the right year to achieve anything, and yet I find myself living exactly the life I imagined. The chatter and noise of everyday living has been reduced to a murmur, so I am only spending time with only my favourite people, minimizing time-sucking (and virus-exposing) errands, and pursuing the projects and hobbies I enjoy. Admittedly, I am also outrageously fortunate in that my hobbies are all things that are conducive to social distance and small groups of people, so to that end, nothing has had to change.

I’m quite pleased with how my mindset has bent itself towards my annual themes, and I am practicing each one every week!

Annual Themes

  • Complex execution: I’m getting lots of practice in complex execution at the moment, although not the way I intended. Every trip needs extra planning and pondering, because stopping by a grocery store en route has ceased to be an option. If we forget it, we can’t have it! I am, however, enjoying having some extra time to research future trips and adventures, and do more planning. Historically I have not been great at planning beyond the immediate-next-thing, so I’m getting some practice here too!
  • Cultivating community: Cultivating community might in fact be my theme for 2020, and I have found it to be both easier (kinda) and way more important than before. I have experienced a glut of people keen to join me, because their usual entertainment has been thwarted, so I am no longer choosing between hiking and spending time with friends. I’m also learning to be more patient, and adjust the adventures to accommodate my companions…and my companions have surprised me with their grit and tenacity.
  • Learn new skills: It has certainly been a year of learning! And again, maybe not exactly how I intended. I’ve been leaning how to be more patient and compassionate, even when I’m irritated, and how to let somebody vent without taking on their emotions. I’ve been learning a lot about myself: what brings me joy and gives me energy, and what sucks my soul dry and makes me withdraw. And, most importantly, I’ve been learning what kind of a life I want to be living.

So, here is the progress I am making with my goals. Each one merits it’s own post, and one day I will probably even do that!

Annual Goals

  1. Plan a 4 – 7 days backpacking trip with friends – DONE;
  2. Complete a Mountains Skills course to learn how to not die in the mountains (especially glacier travel!) – DONE (and now more scared of glaciers);
  3. Climb a mountain, using all the newly refined mountaineering skills – In Planning;
  4. Hike the North Coast Trail of Vancouver Island – DONE;
  5. Plan a Christmas 2020 climbing trip. Not in 2020. Probably not in 2021 either…

Everything is certainly different, and maybe it will be better! How are you finding your focus in 2020?

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